What a grand conclusion to my classical music series with the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra.  So many great memories from the Holdcraft Performing Arts Center (formerly Elston). Peter Boyer’s The Dream Lives On: A Portrait of the Kennedy Brothers was certainly a highlight. The audience loved the sing-along opportunities and being offered a rare glimpse into Arthur Sullivan’s serious side with his Symphony in E minor.

The Fantasia program was a Britsh/Irish celebration.  Thank you to all who participated and attended, especially the Northwest Indiana Youth Symphony Orchestra!

Peter Boyer – The Dream Lives On
Korngold – Much Ado About Nothing Suite
Woods – Fantasia on British Sea Songs
Sullivan – Symphony in E (Irish)
Irish Sing Along

Guest Artists include:
Howard Brenneman, Narrator
Nanda Danitschek, Narrator
Greg Fruth, Narrator
Bruce Johnson, Narrator
Illumination, Becky Osborn – Chorus Director

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