As the musical frenzy of December steams down the tracks, we all have our favorite destinations. Before we know it “Last Stop – Christmas” is heard and the season has reached its destination. My journey which now includes a performance of Messiah has created new and treasured memories along with growing relationships.

I am honored to work with such a dedicated team. 100’s of hours are dedicated to ensuring the words and music touch the hearts and souls of the community and participants. A community of volunteers working through a steering committee adheres to the business side of the event. Without their dedication on a monthly basis, little would be accomplished and prepared for the grand event.

The volunteer chorus – amazing!
The orchestra – superb!
The soloists – beyond inspiring!

To cap off the season as a conduit through which greatness and the spirit of Christmas emerges is tremendously fulfilling. What a gift it is to celebrate each others’ talents and to experience them in communion with a common goal.  I”m keenly aware why Messiah has a 52-year tradition in Michigan City: Handel created a beautiful work of art deserving to be heard by all peoples and put it into the hands of his servants.

I’m personally moved and humbled to be guiding so many on this much-needed journey.  As the concluding strains of Messiah are heard, I am reminded all the people said mightily: “AMEN!”

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